U.P. village finalizes sustainable harbor project

U.P. village finalizes sustainable harbor project

After months of preparation a final decision has been made. Last night the small harbor management strategy project held its last meeting in Ontonagon. ABC 10’s Chelsea Snyder has reaction from the meeting.

The village of Ontonagon was one of the four communities in Michigan to be selected for the sustainable small harbor management strategy project.

Meetings and preparations for the project have been under way since last fall and Monday night residents of the area gathered to hear the final design concept.

MSU Extension Educator, Brad Neumann said, “What the team did was look for some themes in the input that we gathered and look for those key themes that seemed to resonate with the most people and seemed to make since here in 2016.”
Some of the key themes from the final design concept include improving access to the water and beach area on Rose Island and better connections in town.

Village of Ontonagon Manager, Joseph Erickson said,” Well some of the things we really need to focus on in the future is focus on our waterfront. Whether it is along the river trails or along the lake shore and improving access to Lake Superior beach and making more use of our water recreation resources that we have here in town.”

Village of Ontonagon President, Ken Waldrop said, “It’s an opportunity for not just the tourism and the Porcupine Mountains and everything we have to offer here as far as recreations, but also from a shipping standpoint and industrial standpoint. When you see this and you look at it you say wow there is just so much.”

Hundreds have attended the various meetings and shared their visions and dreams for the village surrounding the water front.
Residents of the area are very excited for the project to start taking place.

Future Business Owner and Resident, Dan Sullivan said, “I think that Ontonagon has had its share of difficulty in the last 20 years. We have lost our copper mine, we have lost our paper mill and a lot of people have moved out. The people that are here are survivors. We have stayed here and we believe in this place and this is the beginning of our next 20 years here in Ontonagon and we are looking forward to it.”