U.P. students on mission to teach Yoopers about Islam

U.P. students on mission to teach Yoopers about Islam

HOUGHTON — A group of U.P. college students are on a mission to clear up common misconceptions about Islamic culture. ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance has the story from Michigan Tech.

The Muslim Student Association at Michigan Tech recently held the first in a series of public cultural lectures. President of the Muslim Student Association, Khaled Jadi says the idea behind this series is to present the public with a direct informational source of Islamic culture, instead of leaving people to spread misconceptions.

Muslim Student Association President Khaled Jadi said, “When people need to fix their car, they go to the repair shop. When people have misconception about Islam, they have to go to Muslims. This is the main reason for people to have that kind of misconception. They do not really go to the source and have the right information. So, we came up with this idea and we hope people will change the misunderstanding they have about Islam.”

For the first lecture in this series, the Muslim Student Association invited Dr. Ahmed Taha who is a known Muslim speaker from Chicago. Taha’s lecture is titled Islam: A Compass for Life.

Taha said, “I’m trying to give perspective on how Islam has all that you need to direct, and orient and to put your life on track. Part of our mission as Muslims, as believers in this faith, is to clear up, in the minds of everyone, all the myth.”
The Muslim Student Association at Michigan plans to hold more lectures like this to create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.