U.P. international students learn how to ski and snowboard

U.P. international students learn how to ski and snowboard

HOUGHTON — Students at a UP college are getting their first winter experience. ABC 10’sAmanda L’Esperance tells us about Mont Ripley’s International Ski Day.

International students at Michigan Tech are learning how to ski and snowboard. Some of these students haven’t experience Winter before this year.

International Ski Day has been held annually at Mont Ripley since 2007. Bob Wenc of Tech’s International Programs and Services says the event draws about 120 students to the ski hill.

Wenc said, “Ever since we started these, it’s really changed the attitude on the part of a lot of our international students. I remember, a lot of the international students hated winter, we would see some of them leave in the Spring. They would basically just stay in their apartments and sort of get cabin fever. We started this, we got them out, they love the snow. A lot of them continue to ski on their own year after year. It’s changed a lot of lives and we’re very proud of it. ”

Students have the option to learn to ski or snowboard. Then they learn the basics and work their way up to the beginner hill.

Braharsh said, “I was a little nervous, but there was a lot of help from these guys and it was really fun. Though I didn’t do it perfectly, it was really fun for me and I’d love to come back any time I get the opportunity. Actually, I arrived last fall and this is my first Winter ever. This is my first experience with snow ever and it’s very beautiful and awesome. I don’t think I’d get to experience much better snow anywhere else than Michigan.”

The event is influential to many students, Giovana Azzi now volunteers at the event each year.

Azzi said, “I came here, first time, in 2012 and I’ve gone through this whole process. So I came to this event actually in 2012. So, now I’m here volunteering because I know how important that was when I first came. Right now I try to come, I mean, at least once a week. So, I really got into it so it was great.”

The students even got to experience Mont Ripley’s new tubing park, which just opened this season.