U.P. residents rally over Flint Water Crisis

U.P. residents rally over Flint Water Crisis

MARQUETTE — More than 40 concerned Upper Peninsula residents gathered in downtown Marquette today protesting Governor Rick Snyder and standing in support of the people of Flint during the ongoing water crisis. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac was there and she brings us the story.

Protesters chanted outside of Governor Rick Snyder’s office in downtown Marquette before the State of the State address, declaring their opposition to the way he is handling the Flint Water Crisis.

One of the organizers of the event, Zelda Ziemer says, “We have lost a lot and so I want to say to Governor Snyder, and I would say it to his face if I could, the state of our state is terrible.”

The group of protesters, made up of concerned citizens, carried signs calling for Snyder’s arrest for charges of negligence and child abuse.

Ziemer says, “Seven thousand babies have lead poisoning. The entire city of Flint is in disrepair and shambles through their infrastructure with the water pipes – the entire city, and it was all to save a few dollars.”

When asked what the group hopes to hear from the governor at the State of the State speech… well let’s just say it wasn’t a lot.

Ziemer says, “Probably two sentences, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘I resign.'”

In the meantime the group passed around a petition, agreeing with Flint’s U.S. Representative Dan Kildee that the people of Flint need a little less talk, and a little more action.

After the backlash and the criticisms here at home in Michigan, a lot of people are wondering what will Governor Snyder do next?