U.P. physical therapists use new technique for injury recovery

U.P. physical therapists use new technique for injury recovery

ESCANABA — Physical therapists in the Upper Peninsula are now using a new technique to help speed up recovery.

UP Health System Rehab Services is offering The Graston Technique for injury treatment and rehabilitation.

This new procedure detects and treats areas of scarred tissue or adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

U.P. HSRS hand therapist Rebecca Bonner said, “The recovery process is actually a lot quicker on the patient. We use the Graston Technology in conjunction with exercises. They can feel the recovery, they can feel what the muscles are doing based on the vibration of the tools. It also gives us feedback on how to treat the patients better”

A stainless steel instrument is used to glide along the tendon or muscle with just the right amount of pressure to detect exactly where the scar tissue is located.

Patient, Kevin Cummings said, “After the first week it starts to go away because the knots in the hands go away, and then it is just a matter of that it gets a little better. Like I tell some of the guys at work, you got to change your ways or else you’re going to be like me when you get older.”

Most patients see positive results within two to three treatments.

For more information on the Graston Technique visit www.UPHealthSystem.com or www.uprehab.com