U.P. County joins fight against Property Fraud

U.P. County joins fight against Property Fraud

MARQUETTE — Protecting your identity is one thing, but what about protecting yourself from property fraud? There’s now a program being offered for one U.P. County that does just that.

Marquette County recently became the eleventh county in the state to join the fight against property fraud. Property owners in the county can go online to www.propertyfraudalert.com and sign up for the free service.

The alert system does not prevent fraud from happening, but it does give property owners a heads up if fraudulent activity has taken place.

“Property fraud is something new to our area,” said Carla L’Huillier, who is in charge of the Register of Deeds for Marquette County. “There’s not a lot of it but it’s growing. Someone could make a fictitious deed from you to them and obtain a mortgage or sell the home if you’re not in the area.”

Like many other types of fraud, the elderly are among the most targeted.

“They are the targeted ones mainly are the older people or people who leave town for a long period of time,” said L’Huillier. “It’s been known where someone has actually shown the home and sold the home.”

If you’re interested in signing up for the free online fraud prevention service, click HERE.