Two sentenced for heroin delivery

Two sentenced for heroin delivery

IRON MOUNTAIN — Two people arrested for the delivery of heroin in December of last year were sentenced this morning in Iron Mountain.

“We have a huge problem in this community with drugs. Heroin [has] worked its way up to about number one,” said Judge Mary B. Barglind. “It’s just destroying our small community here.”

Twenty-year-old Desiree Martz of Kingsford was sentenced to two years probation and eleven months in jail with credit for time served. She pleaded guilty to two counts of delivery of less than fifty grams of heroin early last month.

“Frankly, she needs to decide who she’s going to associate with from here on out, because her choices up until now have been atrocious,” said Chief Assistant Prosecutor Carl Downing.

“You’re not an addict. You’re just a person who makes bad decisions and gets around bad people, but your decisions are very bad, and now they’re affecting not only you, but as I said, this whole community,” Judge Barglind added.

Martz’s co-defendant, 32-year-old Yarodin Parker of Chicago, Illinois, was given four to forty years in prison to be served concurrently on each of three separate counts. Parker waived his right to have a hearing regarding evidence to support the scoring of Offense Variable 19 based on threats he allegedly made to witnesses in this case.

Before receiving his sentence, Parker made a plea for help in finding stable employment when he eventually gets out of prison.

“I need to be able to get a job that can help me take care of my kids,” Parker added. “That’s it. I just need help. Prison is not the issue. I could go there — I’m already institutionalized. I need help from the outside.”

Parker entered a guilty plea to two counts of delivery of less than fifty grams of heroin and one count of conspiracy to deliver heroin in January.