Try what you want at this shop for Restaurant week

Try what you want at this shop for Restaurant week

MARQUETTE — All the restaurants we have featured for Restaurant Week are memorable and special to the area – including tonight’s, which is an award winning local favorite.

Doncker’s on Washington Street in downtown Marquette returned to Restaurant Week this year.

Jennifer Ray, one of the Owners, says, “It’s just kind of letting people come in and getting to know our menu, who may have not been here before. So we don’t sort of specify specials for Restaurant Week, we let them order off the menu anything thy want. So it’s more of a special deal we look at it as.”

Ray says they were very busy last week serving up their special deal. Instead of choosing one meal, or one combination, Doncker’s offered a build your own lunch and dinner special where you can choose anything you want on the menu and get soup or salad and a drink.

Lunch specials are made for one at $10 and dinner is made for two at $25.

Doncker’s has several events coming up this month including an Ice Cream Social to benefit the National Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network and the local U.P. Down Syndrome Association.

Restaurant Week continues until tomorrow night.