Traveling Vietnam Wall coming to the U.P.

Traveling Vietnam Wall coming to the U.P.

MARQUETTE — The AVTT Traveling Vietnam Wall will be on NMU’s campus in just a few months.

The Marquette County Veterans Alliance along with other veteran organizations is excited to announce the AVTT Traveling Vietnam Wall coming to Marquette. The five days of events will commence on June 22nd, with an tremendous escort for the wall as it is brought from western Marquette county into the city limits.

“The number could be anywhere between 200–500 motorcycles joining us,” said Marquette County Sheriff’s Department Undersheriff Michael Klein, “anybody who wants to be a part of it can join. Law enforcement will be represented.”

Undersheriff Klein is a member of the committee and will serve as an officer liaison.

The Traveling wall is an 80–percent replica of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC. The replica is 360 feet long and approximately eight feet at the apex.

“There’s a lot of veterans within the Marquette County area and within the U.P. that for whatever reason haven’t been able to go to Washington to see it,” said Marquette County Veterans Alliance Chair Jim Provost, “so we’re going to bring it here and they will have an opportunity to see it.”

Events will be held daily from the 22nd through the 26th. One of the more notable events is the walk to the wall, where Vietnam veterans will lead a march in front of other veterans with members of the community filling the sidewalks down 3rd street in Marquette.

“We want to invite the community to join us in the walk to the wall,” said Event Planner Will Weycker, “so that we finish up there right at the wall and go right into our tribute ceremony to those that have fallen.”

Representatives of the Marquette County Veterans Alliance call this an outstanding example of helping those who have served in the military.

“As a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan I think this is a great opportunity for younger vets to honor our Vietnam veterans,” said Public Affairs Craig Salo, “our veteran population in Marquette county is 6,500 and we estimate that 40% of our veterans are Vietnam–era veterans.”

There are plenty of opportunities to contribute funds and volunteer efforts for the event.

For donations: donate online by clicking here or send checks to: Marquette County Veterans Alliance, 415 Bishop Woods Road, Marquette MI, 49855.

See more about the traveling wall by clicking here.

For other questions or concerns you can contact the following people.

Craig Salo – Public Affairs

Jim Provost – Chair

Will Weycker – Event Planner