Toy guns cause safety issues

Toy guns cause safety issues

GWINN — Toy guns are becoming more and more realistic, which poses a safety issue for your kids.

Recently officials from the Forsyth Township Police Department have come across BB guns and CO-2 guns that look very realistic, some in the possession of minors.

Forsyth Township Police Department Patrolman Evan Leach says, “The tips look so real now-a-days. They used to be orange or black, but now they’re very difficult to differentiate between that and a toy. So it’s becoming a public safety issue as far as with law enforcement and with other people, too, because other people can not tell if they’re real or if they’re just a toy.”

Just like with any other weapon, or toy weapon, Officer Leach says the best precaution as a parent is teaching them the proper way to use it and being vigilant. Even if a minor is just joking around, and makes a fake threat with a toy gun like this, they are at risk for a felony charge.

For example, Officer Leach says, ” Say you walk into a grocery store or a gas station, and you tell a cashier, ‘I have a gun and I’m going to use it, or I’m going to pull it out if you don’t give me all the money,’ that also would cause the same thing. That’d be charged as an armed robbery. You do this saying with a gun like this and a person can’t tell the difference, the charges would be the same. That’s a very heavy charge.”

If buying a toy weapon, Officer Leach says to try and buy one that is obviously different than a real gun.