U.P. residents learn the basics of Olympic curling

U.P. residents learn the basics of Olympic curling

CALUMET — Residents in the Copper Country can try their hands at a certain Olympic sport. We sent ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance to Calumet to see what the sport is all about.

The 2016 curling season is just getting started, so the Copper Country Curling Club recently held an open house to gain community interest in the sport.

Curling is thought to have been invented in medieval Scotland around the year 1541. Women’s and Men’s curling were added as official Olympic Sports in the 1998 games and a mixed doubles event will be added to the 2018 Winter Olympics. At the Copper Country Curling Club Open House, the community gathered to learn more about the sport and try it out for themselves.

Copper Country Curling Club President Gary Lassila said, “The basics of it is: One person is gonna be delivering the stone, two people would be sweeping the stone down the ice, and the fourth person will be on the far end of the ice. They’re explaining where they want the shot to go and hopefully the curler will be able to make the shot.”

The Copper Country Curling Club was founded in 1993 and currently has about 70 members that compete in leagues and sometimes travel to tournaments. The public is invited to watch the league games on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

If you have an interest in curling, the club also hosts a program for beginners.

Lassila said, “The Learn to Curl program is on Wednesday nights. And that’s for people that want to curl, have never curled before, and you’re just basically starting from scratch and learning the sport, learning the basics, learning the delivery and sweeping. By the end of the program you’re gonna be a pretty decent curler.”

The Copper Country Curling Club recently added a heated community room for people to watch games and will host another open house in February when their facility upgrades are complete.

The club’s website has a calendar of events and more information on the upcoming Learn to Curl program for beginners.