Students take a look back in history

Students take a look back in history

MARQUETTE — Graveraet Elementary students received a history lesson from two historical interpreters from Mackinac State Historic Parks this morning.

Two historical interpreters from Mackinac State Historic Parks visited third grade students at Graveraet Elementary to give them a history lesson they’ll never forget. The presentation began with an archaeological program used at Fort Michilimackinac,

“So we were talking about the Voyagers and the Indians,” said Graveraet Elementary 3rd Grade Student Makalynn Comment, “how they lived and what they ate. The coolest thing that I learned was that they played pretty good games and they did pretty good sports and did a lot of fun stuff. They sung around the campfire and we learned a lot.”

From dressing in costumes to handling artifacts; the students were very involved in the presentation, making the historical education a fun and interactive experience.

“In every activity we do we bring students up,” said Historic Interpreter Jim Evans, “and even if they don’t come up and dressed up their students do. It gets them up, it gets them moving, it gets them learning, and for us it’s just a joy to do.”

After the presentation inside was complete, the students marched outside to a tune played on the bagpipes for the grand finale.

The students watched a demonstration of a muzzle loading wall gun, weighing in around 30 pounds.

“We really feel fortunate to be able to demonstrate that it’s kind of our grand finale,” added Evans, “it’s a blank charge, we’re very cautious and the kids just love it. It’s like fireworks.”

Presentations will continue at other Upper Peninsula schools over the next few months.