Students spread the word to end the word

Students spread the word to end the word

NEGAUNEE — Countless students have been victims of verbal harassment over the years. This includes the derogatory use of the word retarded. Students at Negaunee High School are working to change that.

“Spread the word to end the word,” said this group of Negaunee High School students.

Negaunee High School students are engaged within a campaign designed to value the salience of virtue. The objective of the message is to eradicate the use of the word ‘retarded’ and replace it with more respectful terminology.

“I hope to accomplish the r–word to stop,” said Negaunee High School Junior Delaney McLaughlin, “it’s hurtful to most people and nobody wants to hear it.”

During the campaign, students were recruited to take a pledge to stop using the r–word, and to stop others from using it as well.

“I think we should end the r–word because it’s pretty much putting labels on people,” said Negaunee High School Sophomore Harley Koski, “and you shouldn’t put labels on people before you get to know them.”

“You look at Storm here,” said Negaunee High School Sophomore Faith Toutant, “I would never want someone to use that r–word to him. He is so much more than that.”

To learn more about the negative consequences of the r–word or how to take the pledge yourself, click here.