Students look ahead to the future

Students look ahead to the future

ISHPEMING — Students at Ishpeming Middle School spent Friday morning in class, but today’s presentations didn’t come from their teachers.

That’s because the middle school students took part in career day. Students learned about a variety of different careers, from entrepreneurs starting up small businesses to different jobs in the health care field.

All of the presenters did have something in common. They all graduated from Ishpeming.

“It’s an opportunity for these kids to see what they might be into especially when they’re starting to pick their classes going into their high school careers and also what they really want to really dabble into and having these people, these presenters come back and show their pride in this school district,” said Ryan Reichel, a teacher at Ishpeming Middle School.

“I think with this type of occupation and stuff like that, having all the options that are out there and having all the different specialties that you can get into, having the flexible hours, flexible schedule, traveling around and stuff, I think kids are excited about that,” said Brandon Lawson, a Registered Nurse at UP Health System – Marquette. “I see them light up when I talk about that and they think that this is a job that they maybe want to do.”

Students took part in six different career sessions.