Students learn about the Civil War

Students learn about the Civil War

MARQUETTE — School groups from all over the U.P. are visiting the Marquette Regional History Center this week to commemorate the end of the Civil War.

During today’s presentation, students from Escanaba and Graveraet were able to travel through a variety of stations and get to watch demonstrators and reenactments of soldiers from the Upper Peninsula. Many of the students enjoyed learning about genealogy and how they could have a Civil War ancestor. From quilting and rope making to listening to a Civil War “ghost” the kids received an abundance of hands on education and entertainment.

“There is a variety of things for the children to see, hear, and we’re also teaching them how to march between those stations so you’re going to hear those drums and the children get to learn what those drum signals mean, so all of these volunteers are helping make this an unbelievable, immersive experience for the children all about the civil war,” said Museum Educator Betsy Rutz.

Over 400 students from multiple schools will be attending throughout week. The Marquette Regional History Center encourages members of the public to stop by as well to check out some of the unique hand–made quilts that will be displayed during this week only.

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