Students learn about technical career paths

Students learn about technical career paths

MARQUETTE — Sophomores from Westwood High School got a special opportunity today to check out potential future career paths.

Students had a chance to look at many of the programs available at Northern Michigan University’s Jacobetti Complex. The students chose to explore courses like welding and cosmetology, and they met with faculty, staff, and business representatives to learn more about careers in those fields.

“Through this process, students were able to review all of the opportunities and different programs we have in the facility here and select their top four,” said John Centko, Head of NMU’s Technology and Occupational Sciences Department. “So they have the ability to find out more information about their highest level interest programs.”

“This is a really excellent way for our students to gain exposure to a world that is not always visible to them,” said Westwood High School Counselor Larry Boburka. “Watching the looks on their faces and the excitement that they get in their eye is, I think, a really important part of their education.”

The general public will get a similar opportunity on February 10th when the Jacobetti Complex holds an open house from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.