Students helping feed hungry students

Students helping feed hungry students

MARQUETTE — It’s almost time for the 8th annual Student Nurses Association Ball. The proceeds from this year’s charity event will go toward feeding hungry students in the community.

The recipient of the funds raised is JJ Packs, a local non–profit that began just over a year ago. JJ Packs helps low income children go home with nutritious packs of food on the weekends. They are currently serving 176 elementary students at four elementary schools in Marquette. As the program grows, the need for funding grows as well.

JJ Packs Co–Director Kevin Carr says when he was approached by the Student Nurses Association he was flabbergasted and overjoyed to see students helping students.

“Our program is based all off of donations and grants,” said JJ Packs Co–Director Kevin Carr, “we don’t have any paid staff, everybody volunteers, everyone that packs our food, deliver our food, and pick it up from our local vendors, that’s all volunteer staff. Every dollar that we get goes directly to the food and the kids.”

The charity ball takes place this Friday at the Ramada from 8 p.m. until midnight.

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Photo Courtesy: JJ Packs