Students had “snow” much fun – Winter Carnival recap

Students had “snow” much fun – Winter Carnival recap

HOUGHTON — Winter Carnival took over the Michigan Tech campus this past weekend. ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance has your Carnival recap.

“As snow accumulates at alarming rates, we show our love for the 50 states.” That’s was the theme for this year’s Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech. The annual festival started in 1922 and, with events such as broomball and dog sledding, now draws an audience from across the state and the country.

Carnival visitor Austin Hinkle says he drove 10 hours to visit friends and enjoy the activities.

Hinkle said, “It’s a little cold, but overall I’m having a lot of fun. It’s a good time. This is my first time visiting Michigan Tech. I’ve been to the UP before but it’s my first time all the way up here.”

Winter Carnival kicks off each year with Wednesday’s All–Nighter, where statue building is at its peak. Phi Kappa Tau’s New York themed statue won the month–long contest.

Thursday’s main events are the annual beard competition and Stage Revue. Both are comedy based contests put on by Tech’s student organizations.

Friday is a day packed with outdoor entertainment and activities. Competitive student events such as human dog–sled races and tug–of–war events take place on the softball diamonds. Meanwhile dog–sled and horse drawn carriage rides are offered on campus. Friday night ended with Winter Carnival comedian Judah Friedlander performing at the Rozsa Center.

Saturday wrapped up the student–alumni broomball tournament. Sigma Phi Epsilon took the Class A title for the weekend.

The annual Snoball took place Saturday evening, with live music by Michigan Tech’s Jazz Lab band.

Winter Carnival ended with a bang on Saturday night with the Torchlight parade and fireworks at Mont Ripley. Most visitors left on Sunday, but Tech student Ryan Knoll says his friends will keep coming back.

Knoll said, “Yeah, a lot of my high school friends I invited back up here, they all come. I meet with a lot of them and they have a lot of fun. Winter Carnival is just a fun time. I wish everyone could be up here in the UP and enjoy Winter Carnival with us.”