Students bring competitive energy to poetry

Students bring competitive energy to poetry

MARQUETTE — Students at Marquette Senior High School brought their competitive energy to the English department today.

For the 4th year in a row, Marquette students have participated in the national ‘Poetry Out Loud’ competition. English Department Head Eric Hammerstrom says that in order to become a good writer, you have to become comfortable with the sound of words.

“The magic comes from the sound, and the sound manipulates us as readers and as listeners and it’s really what controls the emotion of a piece is rhythm and the types of sounds that are repeated,” said English Department Head Eric Hammerstrom, “I think if a student is going to really master the art of writing at any point in their life these are things that they’ll need to understand.”

Each participant memorizes a poem, but is also judged based on their understanding and portrayal of its meaning during their presentation. Today’s winner was Rebecca McNamee.

“I think that poetry speaks to everyone, even if you don’t find one poem right away that sings to you and comforts you there are poems out there,” said Poetry Out Loud Finalist Rebecca Mcnamee, ” I think everyone should find their poems.”

McNamee will compete during the state finals in Lansing on March 4th.