Students growing plants with a purpose

Students growing plants with a purpose

ISHPEMING — The weather outside isn’t quite ideal yet for gardening, but that didn’t stop a group of high school students from still getting their hands dirty Wednesday afternoon.

The Life Skills Class at Ishpeming High School is running a controlled experiment with the staff at Partridge Creek Farm. Students spent the day planting various veggies at different density levels.

The goal of the experiment is to see which plants grow the best over the next 60 days. Both the adults and the students enjoyed the hands on aspect of this experiment.

“The goal right here is to get these kids involved with farming and get them excited about growing food and the science of growing food,” said Dan Perkins of Partridge Creek Farm. “This is exactly why we’re doing the Partridge Creek Farm. We’re trying to get good food into the system, the economy and into their bellies.”

“We’re not always in the textbooks learning the regular things like in a regular math class or science class,” said Rebecca Keranen, a sophomore at Ishpeming High School. “It’s going to be really fun doing these plants.”

If the experiment goes as planned, the high school students plan on doing the same experiment with fifth and sixth grade students.