Students and Alumni featured in art gallery

Students and Alumni featured in art gallery

MARQUETTE — It’s not new for the Marquette Arts and Culture Center to feature locally inspired art, however their new exhibit features artists that are current and past students of a local university.

The Lake Superior Arts Association Gallery is featuring art and photography from Northern Michigan University students. Featured is a variety of works from 25 students, their pieces chosen by a jury at NMU. In the SmallWorks Gallery you can find featured contemporary work of photography from an NMU alumnus.

Dominic Davis, the featured artist and NMU alumnus, says, “The work that’s on display right now is a collection of my colored photography, and it kind of just depicts how I see the world, which is a constant state of day dreaming basically. So that’s the title of the show as well, is ‘Day Dreaming.’ So it’s just a collection of colored photography that shows my view of the world.”

The exhibit is open until April 1st at the MACC, located in the lower level of the Peter White Public Library.

City of Marquette Arts and Culture Manager Tiina Harris says, “There’s also going to be a closing reception. That will include a pop up show by Lali Khalid’s students, and she’s a new fine art photographer here in Marquette, and her students have done some wonderful works.”

The artist reception is set for March 31st at 6:00 p.m. and is open to the public.