State Superintendent visits local school district

State Superintendent visits local school district

ISHPEMING — A state official paid a special visit to a local school district to find out more about their successes and challenges.

State Superintendent Brian Whiston toured NICE Community Schools in Ishpeming, where he got a first-hand look at some of the district’s most successful programs.

“Any chance we get to kind of show off our district and make connections with the superintendent and his office, we’ll take that opportunity and really embrace it,” said NICE Superintendent Bryan DeAugustine.

“It’s to learn the good things and to learn what obstacles are in place so that we can work together to remove them,” said Whiston.

The Department of Education is already making changes based on information gathered from schools across the state during tours like this one. In addition to creating a website to share ideas that work well between districts, the Department is reconsidering how testing is utilized in local schools.

“We hear a lot about the concern about testing of the students – that we’re over-testing students,” Whiston added. “So we’re working through a process to understand what the local teachers need, what does the school district need, and what does the state need, and how can we marry those together so that we can appropriately use testing to help drive instructional practices.”

Whiston says he has already reduced testing time based on the needs of local districts, and he will be making further recommendations in the near future.