Sports pros offer advice to university students

Sports pros offer advice to university students

HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech Students have the opportunity to learn a few lessons from former Pro Athletes this week. Here’s ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance with more.

Hard work and perseverance are important in all career fields. This was a key point in a recent program at Michigan Tech led by two former pro athletes.

Zach McClellan and John Standeford spoke to Michigan Tech student athletes about how lessons learned in their professional sports careers can be applied to their current careers in engineering.

Standeford said, “We’re just here sharing our stories about success we had professional sports and relating it back to having success in the business world as well. Just paying attention to details, doing the things that help you stand out and be a successful person, on and off the football field.”

McClellan said, “It’s more about life in general. The reality is, especially for the seniors, they may or may not play professional sports and this will be their last year of really focusing on maybe their entire athletic career. And I just want to make sure they understand that some of the things they do out here, on the ice or in other sports, impact their life if they use those life lessons moving forward.”

Both McClellan and Standeford hope that the students will use their advice and stories to better themselves as athletes and as professionals in the business world.