Snowmobilers master the slopes

Snowmobilers master the slopes

MARQUETTE — Snowmobile racers from all across the Midwest gathered at Marquette Mountain over the weekend.

For nearly twenty years, the MASTERS racing circuit has been known for hosting some of the best snowmobile racers in the area. The races take place at several locations, but there are many reasons why Marquette Mountain is one of the best.

“Marquette Mountain is so special for us because it’s the longest running snowmobile event in our circuit and it’s one of the longest in all of the Upper Peninsula, so it’s pretty much a staple, an institution, a foundation in snowmobile racing throughout the Upper Peninsula,” said Skip Shulz, President of the MASTERS Racing Circuit.

Racers from four different states competed in three different races including the high speed snow drags, big air hillcross, and the hill challenge. John Mihelich of the Copper Country won the snow drags, Minnesota’s Brennan Plaisted won the Hill Cross and James Marietta of the Keweenaw won the title of King of the Hill.

This is the last of the MASTERS circuit races for this year, but they’ll be back for another great season next winter.