Six different schools come together to learn valuable life lessons

Six different schools come together to learn valuable life lessons

FELCH — Nearly 150 students from six different schools gathered for the 5th annual North Dickinson Youth Leadership Conference.

For the 5th year in a row the North Dickinson Student Council designed a leadership conference for area students. 142 students from Kingsford, Norway, Forest Park, West Iron County, Niagra, and North Dickinson attended.

“This is kind of the highlight of our student council for the year,” said Student Council Advisor Cory Roell, “the kids put a lot of work and effort into this.”

The conference includes three sessions that all tie together. During these interactive activities students learn ways to delegate their time between their family, school, and other extra curricular activities, and the stress that comes along with them.

“I helped perform #timeit and that was about time management,” said North Dickinson Sophomore Reighan Johnson, “what your priorities are and what needs to come first.”

“We really learned a lot on how to prioritize,” said Norway Sophomore Brett Houle, “and pick what things have to be done before others to actually use your time wisely.”

“It’s really hard to pick your priorities and get everything you want to do done in the time you have,” said Forest Park Junior Emily Faccin, “you just have to pick your priorities and pick what’s most important and then figure out how much time you want to spend on it.”

In another session, students were shown the importance of the way that they interact with their peers.

“We hope to teach people how constructive feedback works,” said North Dickinson Senior Martha Nord, “and how effective it is.”

“Coming here and having to talk to people you don’t know really makes you hone in on those skills,” said Niagra Senior Adam Parent, “that you really don’t get a chance to work on when you’re in a high school environment.”

Within that environment a lot of stress can be created, so there was a session for that too.

“It was cool to learn different ways that people handle their own stress,” said West Iron County Senior Rachel Malmquist, “and how to apply them to my own life. It’s good to learn how to handle it all and balance out what’s on your plate.”
Once the sessions are done all of the lessons learned are put together in a leader to leader idea exchange.

“They can share ideas and bring them back to their schools,” said Conference Facilitator (GLCYD) Rebecca Nord, “and just building some of those skills that will really help them as leaders as they move through their skill and into their future.”

Without a doubt, each one of the students from each school walked away with a sense of pride and an understanding valuable life lessons.