Shot owl doing well in rehab

Shot owl doing well in rehab

MARQUETTE — The Chocolay Raptor Center has been busy rehabilitating a great horned owl that was shot in Marquette in May, but are feeling cautiously optimistic.

A recent follow-up X-ray showed that the break in the bone is healing well and a callus is forming over the break. At this time the bones are not perfectly lined up, but they are very close. While there is still no guarantee that things will continue to go as well as they have, the Raptor Center has begun to prepare for the hopeful future release of the bird.

“It’s great news, it sounds like the family is still there in the area and doing well,” said Co-Founder of Chocolay Raptor Center Jerry Maynard, “when we release this guy hopefully he can reconnect with his mate and his owlets.”

The Chocolay Raptor Center has always received great support from the community, but this great horned owl has taken things to a whole new level.

“The response to our notice of the reward and of the injured owl having been shot was just overwhelming. On Facebook, it’s the first time in my experience I’ve actually seen something go viral.”

The posting has over 40,000 views according to Facebook. Another follow-up X-ray will be performed on this great horned owl in about two and a half weeks. We’ll keep you updated on the recovery of the bird as the process moves along.