Senator: Bill meant to provide transparency in elections

Senator: Bill meant to provide transparency in elections

LANSING — Tonight we follow up with what a local senator says about Senate Bill 571. There was plenty of debate over the bill between senators and house representatives as amendments were added on. Even though the bill was sent to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk, lawmaker’s and citizens still have questions.

Reportedly, the bill stops any public institution – including schools, libraries and small municipalities – from providing any information on ballot proposals within 60 days of a public election.

Some have said that this bill is not needed because of the rules already set for public institutions. Originally the goal of the bill was to provide more transparency during elections.

Senator Tom Casperson says, “The concern is, is that there’s people that are in positions that are paid for with tax dollars, and while they’re doing that job they’re using tax payer dollars to go after tax payer dollars. People that are in those positions shouldn’t be able to use that position to do that.”

Casperson adds that the bill was not meant to limit free speech. Snyder has not signed the bill yet and Casperon says he is not surprised.

“At this point it’s not something that, because of the conflict I’m seeing arise from it,” the senator adds, “wouldn’t bothered me if he vetoed it so that we could talk about it some more, because the intent and what’s being said about it, I know are two separate things.”

ABC 10 will have more on this story as it develops.