Russell trial resumes

Russell trial resumes

CRYSTAL FALLS — The trial for Brittany Russell, who is charged with felony murder in relation to the death of a three–month–old infant resumed for the first day this week.

During day 6 of the trial, the jury heard from Dr. Alice Swenson who works in pediatrics and specializes in pediatric child abuse. After being involved with Penny Anne’s care in the hospital two years ago, she diagnosed her with abusive head trauma. In her explanation of the diagnosis she stated that Penny Anne had bleeding around the brain, diffuse axonal injury, diffuse retinal hemorrhages in all layers with folds, bruising on her eyelids and two unexplained fractures in her arm.

“There was no history of a significant trauma to explain these findings,” said Dr. Alice Swenson, “nor was there any underlying metabolic or medical condition that would have caused her to develop all of these findings.”

Iron County Prosecuting Attorney Melissa A. Powell then asked, “is that finding within a reasonable degree of medical certainty?”

Swenson responded, “yes.”

Swenson also indicated that she firmly believed a five–year–old could not have inflicted the amount of force needed to cause these injuries. During cross–examination, Defense Attorney Karl Numinen questioned whether or not the findings were enough to prove who had caused injuries.

Trial is scheduled to resume Thursday morning.