Reaching language milestones with fun and games

Reaching language milestones with fun and games

MARQUETTE — Baby coos and sounds can be just so darn cute. But what happens for children who develop language skills at a different pace than average? Well that’s where UP Health System Rehab Services comes in.

For children like three year old Evan Cardinal, speech and language may be a challenge, but through fun and games they can get up to speed.

Speech Language Pathologist Breanna St. Onge says, “When they’re young like this it’s fun, because we target language and speech mostly within play and activities. Language can be targeted through pretty much anything that you’re doing. So we target it through play, and with them requesting things, and asking for what they want to play with. So it makes it fun for the kids and fun for us, too.”

St. Onge says that Evan has shown great improvement over time during their sessions. There are plenty of ways to exercise speech at home, too, like practicing having a conversation.

“Talking with your kids, narrating things that you’re doing during the day, things that they’re doing. Really getting down at their level, socially interacting with them, and they can watch mouth, what you’re doing, how you’re making the sounds so they imitate you.”

Sometimes adults need speech therapy, too, for different reasons. For either children or adults, the first step to make is making an appointment with your primary doctor first.

St. Onge recently posted a blog post called “Speech and Language Milestones: Birth through 5 Years.” If you would like to read it to find out more click here.