Purchasing the right TV for you

Purchasing the right TV for you

MARQUETTE — The big football game is just a few more days away. The Denver Broncos will battle the Carolina Panthers to determine which team is the top team in the NFL.

The ‘big game’ means ‘big business’ for TV dealers. This is one of the busier times of the year for the television industry.

People are heading to places like Best Buy to purchase a TV. Technology advancements have improved the way we watch television.

The last advancement in TV’s is 4K technology.

“The LED compared to the LCD, you’re getting a lot better resolution, especially with the 4K, being that it’s four times the pixel count especially for the big game with the upscalers built into the TVs. It’s even up-scaling your cable,” said Neeco Belanger, a Home Theater Consultant for Best Buy of Marquette.

“Now we’re seeing the 4K take over a lot of other things. Filming in 4K, also with the new phones, drones and things like that. To view that footage on a 4K TV makes it that much better,” he added.

As it goes with televisions, the bigger the TV, the bigger the price. 4K TVs are more expensive than LED and LCD TVs.