Primary Election 2016 Results

Primary Election 2016 Results

Presidential Primary Results

Republican Party
Ted Cruz 25%
John R. Kasich 24%
Marco Rubio 9%
Donald J. Trump 37%

Democratic Party
Hillary Clinton 48%
Roque Rocky De La Fuente <1%
Bernie Sanders 50%

Local results are unofficial unless otherwise noted.

Alger County

Burt Township
Burt Township School District Operating Millage Renewal Proposal
YES 88.58% NO 11.42%

Baraga County

L’Anse Township
Ambulance Service Renewal Proposal
YES 77.15% NO 22.85%
Township Fire Protection Millage Renewal Proposal
YES 76.59% NO 23.41%

Chippewa County

Whitefish Township
Whitefish Community Schools Operating Millage Proposal
YES 64.66% NO 35.34%

Dickinson County

E-911 Millage Proposal
YES 52.99% NO 47.01%

Property Tax Limitations
YES 47.68% NO 52.32%

Renewal of Dickinson-Iron District Health Department Millage
YES 54.99% NO 45.01%

Dickinson County Road Millage Request
YES 57.72% NO 42.28%

Breen Township, West Branch Township, Felch Township
Tri-Township Ambulance Authority Operating Nordic Ambulance Service Proposal
YES 70.42% NO 29.58%

Breen Township, West Branch Township, Felch Township, Norway Township, Sagola Township
North Dickinson School District Bonding Proposal
YES 63.75% NO 36.25%

Sagola Township
Proposal #1 Fire Protection
YES 74.24% NO 25.76

Proposal #2 Ambulance Protection
YES 76.39% NO 23.61%

Houghton County

City of Houghton
Charter Amendment Proposal No. 1
YES 64.56% NO 35.44%

Charter Amendment Proposal No. 2
YES 72.11% NO 27.89%

Charter Amendment Proposal No. 3
YES 85.56% NO 14.44%

Iron County

Renewal of Dickinson-Iron Health Department Millage
YES 71.16% NO 28.84%

Bates Township
General Township & Road Maintenance Renewal Proposal
YES 75.49% NO 24.51%

Luce County

Luce County Proposition A: Sheriff’s Department Millage Renewal
YES 65.37% NO 34.63%

Mackinac County

Bois Blanc Township
2 Mills for Capital & Operating Expenses for Police Protection
YES 68.66% NO 31.34%

Marquette County

Forsyth Township
Public Library Operations Millage
YES 49.07% NO 50.93%

Menominee County

Spalding Township, Meyer Township, Gourley Township, Harris Township
North Central Operating Millage Renewal Proposal
YES 65.01% NO 34.99%

Menominee Township
Zoning Ordinance 10-28-15-01
YES 22.45% NO 77.55

Schoolcraft County

Thompson Township
Tax Rate Limitation Increase Proposal for Road Maintenance
YES 47.11% NO 52.89%

Multi-County Proposals

Ewen-Trout Creek Consolidated School District
YES 66.30% NO 33.60%

Pickford Public Schools Operating Millage Renewal
YES 74.65% NO 25.35%

Dickinson-Iron ISD Special Education Millage Proposal
YES 52.25% NO 47.48%

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