Presidential Candidate hosts town hall

Presidential Candidate hosts town hall

MARQUETTE — While his rivals were elsewhere, Ohio Governor John Kasich stayed in Michigan to host a town hall.

He may not get a lot of time on the debate stage, but at Saturday’s town hall in Marquette he had the stage to himself saying that he is determined to win, even after months of struggle during his campaign.

Gov. John Kasich said, “So we have an opportunity, we’re beginning to rise. All these months, you want to know the story of an effort? Of a struggle? For six months you didn’t have a clue what my name was. You thought my name was ‘Governor of Ohio,’ because that was easier to say than ‘Kasich.’ You know how hard it is to raise money when nobody thinks that you’re going to win, because your name I.D. is so low? And we just kept struggling. The little engine that can. I always wonder, and I say to my folks, ‘How come we don’t raise money from all these big shots?’ and they say, ‘Well John, because you’re not a suck up. You go in and tell people what you think and you’re not in there telling them what they want to hear.’ I kind of like that. It’s served me well throughout my life time.”

The Republican candidate continued to discuss the importance of economic growth, and talk about “jobs, jobs, jobs.” He took questions from the crowd, and broadened his talking points – answering questions about social security, Veteran’s issues and education.

Kasich says that he feels very confidant about the upcoming Michigan primary, because he says he does well with crossover votes, adding that is what intimidates the Democrats. The Republican candidate says he feels very confident that he will also win over his home state of Ohio, a state that no other Presidential Candidate has been able to win an election without.

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