Popular Food Truck wins National Award

Popular Food Truck wins National Award

MARQUETTE — Dia de los Tacos has been named the 2016 Food Truck Taco of the Year by Mobile Cuisine.com.

The popular food truck in Marquette received over fourteen hundred votes in the nationwide competition. The tacos at Dia de los Tacos beat out other food trucks in the cities of Buffalo, Los Angeles, Boston and Pittsburgh.

Mike Walker, the owner of the food truck, says his tacos are inspired from his time in Detroit. He says receiving a national award is something special.

“The people of the U.P. are the kind of people that are going to stand up and tell the world what they’re proud of,” said Walker. “I’ve been in the food business since I was 15 in some capacity or another. You’re given people something that feeds their stomach and feeds their soul and that was something that I learned years ago, was to make sure that you do the best thing that you can do.”

Dia de los Tacos serves a variety of original tacos with ingredients like pulled pork, chicken and a variety of fresh cheeses and vegetables. The food truck is at a different location in Marquette six days a week.

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