Polling locations report steady stream of traffic

Polling locations report steady stream of traffic

MARQUETTE — After numerous stops, rallies and debates, Michigan voters are headed to the polls today to help decide which two presidential candidates will win a large number of delegates.

There are a 147 delegates up for grabs on the democratic side. The GOP primary winner receives 59 delegates. At the newly designated voting location on Wright Street in Marquette, voter turnout has been steady throughout the day.

“It seems to be going pretty smoothly and it’s fortunate that we’re very close to where we’ve been before so they just have to go across the street,” said Audrey Warren, Co–Chairman of Precinct 5 in Marquette.

“I think because they got their (voting) cards recently, everybody has been notified about the change that the change in venue has happened. We have been busy all day. We get a little lull once in a while, but it starts right back up again. It’s just wonderful to see so many people out,” she added.

Polling locations across Marquette were all reportedly busy throughout the day.

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