Police warn residents about two different scams

Police warn residents about two different scams

CALUMET — Police in the Copper Country are warning residents about a pair of scams that have made their way to the area.

The first scam is a phone call saying that you have won the lottery. You’re then asked to send money to a bank in South Africa.

Several banks in the area have had customers come to the bank to send a money order to South Africa, but banks have discouraged people from doing that.

The second scam involves Facebook. A person reported to police that a Facebook friend sent them a friend request.

Upon accepting the request, the person was directed by their friend to a government program that’s offering money. The person eventually contacted their friend and learned that they had not sent the friend request.

The Michigan State Police are advising people that when it comes to scams, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.