Poetry Slam brings lively atmosphere to St. Patrick’s Day

Poetry Slam brings lively atmosphere to St. Patrick’s Day

MARQUETTE — The Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with a unique twist on their Bards and Brews series.

In honor of the holiday, the brewery hosted a Poetry Slam. Poetry Slams are a more lively and competitive style of poetry that takes place over three rounds. The energetic atmosphere tied in perfectly with the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities.

“I think sometimes people think of poetry readings as really quiet events, happening in libraries and stuff like that and poetry slams are not that at all. They’re usually raucous, they can be really fun, funny. They are really more like performance poetry, often, or a performance kind of event. It’s usually just a fun, friendly, rollicking time,” said Andrea Scarpino, the UP Poet Laureate.

“It’s a time of the year when people come together as a community whether its to cut loose or to sort of enjoy each other’s company. “I love the idea of community–centric holidays and it seems like Marquette does that really well,” said Jacqueline Boucher, a graduate student at Northern Michigan University who performed at tonight’s poetry slam.

The winner of the poetry slam won a cash prize that was put together by donations from the audience.

You can catch Bards and Brews every third Thursday of the Month at Ore Dock Brewery at 6:00 p.m.