Play at NMU celebrates and honors Black History Month

Play at NMU celebrates and honors Black History Month

MARQUETTE — February is Black History Month and Northern Michigan University is honoring the occasion.

This Saturday, the Forest Roberts Theater is putting on a play called The Colored Museum. The cast is comprised entirely of black students and the format is pretty unique too. Instead of scenes or acts, its divided into eleven sketches, or exhibits that demonstrate a different facet of black culture.

“We chose this because it is funny, it’s not didactic. You know, it’s not teachy or preachy, but it is thought provoking,” said Ansley Valentine, who is directing the show.

“Even if you get nothing else out of it, it’s still a comedy and it’s still very funny. Obviously we hope that you leave with a little something more. That you maybe understand black culture a little bit better,” added Nathan Morgan, an actor in the play.

If you’d like to see the play, it opens at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Whitman Hall in the common area.