Perfect scores across the board

Perfect scores across the board

MARQUETTE — At a recent Band and Orchestra festival, a local school received perfect scores for every group they had participating.

All eight ensembles from Marquette Area Public Schools received Superior Division Ratings. Director of Bands Matt Ludwig says that the preparation starts from the very beginning of the school year.

“It’s a daily process,” said MSHS Director of Bands Matt Ludwig, “and it really begins at the beginning of the school year with fundamentals, scales, site-reading, and both students and directors working to perfect the music every single day and the final product was on display for the festival.”

What’s unique about this victory is that Eric Marta, the Middle and High School Orchestra teacher, and Emily Morgan Booth, the middle school band teacher are in their first year within the district.

“The fact that they did so well is a great testament to the hiring process and the vetting that we did when we brought them in and they’re just terrific people and great musicians. The future is very, very bright for instrumental music at Marquette Area Public Schools.”

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