Pedal power catches on in the U.P.

Pedal power catches on in the U.P.

HOUGHTON — Pedal power is catching on as an alternative way to get to work. ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter has more from Bike to Work Day.

It’s a way to commute that’s both good for you and for the environment. Bike Initiative Keweenaw (BIKE) once again encouraged riders to pedal their way back and forth to work as part of National Bike To Work Day.

BIKE Volunteer Dan Dalquist said, “We’ve got a spot here that’s got some food, some literature, some—the biggest essential is coffee, and water and we’re working with those folks riding to and from work. We’ve actually been pretty busy so far this morning.”

This is the 6th year of the event and bicycling to work has never been as popular.

Dalquist said, “More and more people are riding, not just today, but year–round, which is kind of our whole focus on this. We’re seeing people riding smarter—brighter colors, lights on bikes, behaving like cars, following the rules—which is the safer side of cycling.”

Riders can now compete by logging their miles at and even win prizes. But everyone who takes up biking to work will feel the benefits.

Dalquist said, “I know when I was still working, I felt better, waistline was a little thinner, you know. It’s just a good way to get going.”