Officers increasing patrols, on the lookout for drunk drivers

Officers increasing patrols, on the lookout for drunk drivers

MICHIGAN — Effective today through April 4th, police officers all over the state of Michigan are increasing patrols to be on the lookout for drunk drivers.

The timing for the extended effort evolves from collegiate basketball tournaments, St. Patrick’s Day, along with many schools being on spring break. Police remind motorists that even one wrong choice behind the steering wheel can have tragic consequences and stick for years to come.

During this campaign, 150 law enforcement agencies are participating state–wide including municipal departments, sheriff’s departments, and the Michigan State Police.

“We’ll all be scheduling extra patrols that are grant funded,” said Sgt. Kevin Dowling with the Michigan State Police – Negaunee Post, “so those people that are on these patrols are specifically targeting the drinking driver. They’re not responding to calls for service so that their time can be focused on that specific problem.”

In Michigan, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher, although motorists can be arrested at any level if an officer believes they are impaired.
Sergeant Dowling added that it’s best to never drive after consuming any level of alcohol.