NMU students get real world experience

NMU students get real world experience

Making a product marketable is one thing.  Creating a new audience for an established product and giving students a spring-board into the business world is a whole different task.

But, that’s exactly what the pairing of Lloyd/Flanders and NMU is doing. Lloyd/Flanders is a widely-known and respected furniture manufacturing company with operations in Menominee, Michigan.

The company has partnered with the human-centered design program at Northern Michigan University to develop a new line of woven outdoor furniture targeting younger consumers.  The Lloyd/Flanders research and development team spent today evaluating the students’ early concepts and provided early-stage feedback.

The session included critiquing the students’ sketches, computer models or 3D models.  Later this semester, NMU students will visit the facility to learn more about the loom process.

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