New photography book celebrates a unique aspect of the Upper Peninsula

New photography book celebrates a unique aspect of the Upper Peninsula

NEGAUNEE — Artists often come to the Upper Peninsula to capture the area’s natural beauty, but two locals chose a rather unique subject for their artistic inspiration.

Lina and Lucy Blair chose to photograph post offices for their recently released book “Post Offices of the Upper Peninsula.” The pair had more traditional inspiration when they started out, though.

“We wanted to see more of the Upper Peninsula. We love to be outside, love to camp, love to explore and we really just wanted to see all of it. We’re really proud to live here and we’re excited to see all of it,” said Lina.

This labor of love took almost five years to complete, as post offices in rural communities can be hard to find. But, Lina says she and Lucy learned quite a bit through the process.

“There are a lot of changes happening, or proposed to happen. I think it’s the most interesting because it could really have an impact on the small businesses in the Upper Peninsula. Being such a rural area, I think the daily life of going to the post office and seeing people you know and all of that is a little different. But, then also, just the financial impact that it could have small businesses and stuff,” Blair added.

The book and several prints are available for sale at the Midtown Cafe & Bakery in downtown Negaunee.

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