New millage would make police officer full time employee

New millage would make police officer full time employee

ISHPEMING– Residents of Ishpeming Township will be voting on a millage that could get them a full time police force.

Officials from Ishpeming Township say they are hoping to levy 1 mill to help make their current part time police officer full time.

The millage is estimated to raise around $100,000 which will help pay for the officers wages, benefits and any new equipment needed. Ishpeming Township has had a police force for a long time, says the Ishpeming Township Supervisor James Nankervis

“I’ve been in the office for 28 years and we’ve had a police officer all along since I’ve been here,” said Nankervis. “We’d just be continuing our regular police department.”

The millage will be on the ballot during the August second primaries.

The township says that a full time officer will help with speed control, drug enforcement and any issues that come up in Nice Community Schools. Ishpeming Township uses it’s own police department because the city police are only able to respond to emergency situations outside of the city.