New legislation would halt adoption of Common Core in Michigan

New legislation would halt adoption of Common Core in Michigan

LANSING — A bill that would halt the adoption of Common Core curriculum standards in Michigan schools was introduced to the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

House Bill 5444 would terminate all plans relating to the implementation of the Common Core initiative in the state. The legislation would also prohibit the adoption of any other national or multi–state standards, instead calling for the state to come up with its own set of requirements.

Representative Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan), who is among the co–sponsors of the bill, believes those state standards should be narrow, allowing locals to adapt to their area’s needs.

“We need adaptability and flexibility to make sure that students are learning a set of skills and a set of standards that allow them to move forward with available career opportunities,” said McBroom. “That’s one of the most disturbing things in the hearings and research I’ve done and the visits I’ve made to Detroit — is seeing that we don’t give those students a lot of things that they can aspire to and hope for, and that’s something we risk here as well if we have a handed–down from on–high standard that’s not really reflective of the local school board and the local community’s desires.”

The bill has been sent to the House Committee on Education for consideration.