N.M.U. Regional Police Academy continues training

N.M.U. Regional Police Academy continues training

MARQUETTE — It was day two for the new recruits in the N.M.U. Regional Police Academy. Today’s lessons incorporated two of the main themes, attention to detail and communication.

During the second day of the N.M.U. Regional Police Academy training, recruits were taught the precise way to store all items in their lockers, how to efficiently put their utility belts together and the importance of interactive communication.

“The important thing is communications,” said Lieutenant Kenneth Love, “we try to set a strong foundation for ethics, a strong foundation for communication, and we pride ourselves. Our officers have been quite successful in the U.P. and throughout Michigan and have come back with glowing reports on how successful they’ve been. We hope we’re the cause of that, we hope we’re setting a good base or foundation for the officers to go out and be successful.”

The recruits will be going over ways to execute an inspection tomorrow. We’ll have plenty more coverage and details of the recruits as they continue to learn all week

And while it may just seem like marching, it’s not your ordinary walk in the park.