N.M.U. Police Academy begins training

N.M.U. Police Academy begins training

MARQUETTE — The newest recruits for the N.M.U. Regional Police Academy began their intensive training today.

This year’s class consists of fourteen aspiring officers that will endure a sixteen-week, 800-hour training period that is designed to provide basic law enforcement skills. A lot of police work involves paying close attention to detail, and this academy is no different.

“Throughout the academy, they’ll have several different courses,” said Lieutenant Kenneth Love, “they have to maintain a 70% average throughout the academy, in skills areas such as shooting, driving, defensive-tactics and first-aid. They have to have an 80% and pass the skills portion of the exams also.”

In addition to skill-building, the academy tests the patience, dedication, and persistence of the recruits to ensure they are as prepared as they can be once they begin their careers.

“What they want to do is break the recruit down and build them back up,” continued Love, “they want them to understand to be ready for what the might meet out on the street. That means being prepared at all times.”

We’ll be following the academy throughout the week to provide an in-depth look at the entire process.