MTU unveils first rebranding in school history

MTU unveils first rebranding in school history

HOUGHTON — For the first time in the history of the university, Michigan Tech unveiled its first ever university–wide brand.

Hundreds of people packed the Van Pelt and Opie Library to see the new look for the university. The logo was designed and created by Michigan Tech’s marketing team.

It took about eighteen months to bring the new look from concept to reality. MTU President Glenn Mroz says the Husky statue that sits in the heart of campus inspired the new logo.

“It’s been a really cool place for people to get together,” said Mroz. “When people come to campus, they get their picture taken there. When people graduate they get their picture taken there, so the identity is out there. Huskies live in the cold weather and that’s us.”

“This is a bigger piece of a brand,” said Ian Repp, MTU Director of Marketing and Communications. “There’s two pieces to branding. There’s the message in which we tell our stories about Michigan Tech and there’s also the visual identity. This is one piece of that story that we’re beginning to tell. Launching the visual identity today is something everyone is going to notice right off of the bat.”

University officials will spend the next 18 months implementing the new logo all throughout campus.