Motions hearing held for man accused of child abuse

Motions hearing held for man accused of child abuse

MARQUETTE — A man who pleaded no contest to first degree child abuse in November is attempting to withdraw his plea.

27-year-old Nicholas Racine appeared in Marquette County Circuit Court just a few hours ago. Racine’s new defense attorney George Hyde, argued that his client did not fully understand the terms of a plea agreement he accepted in November.

“He has never said ‘I’m guilty of this charge,’ he has never at any point admitted any wrong doing in regard to this child,” said Defense Attorney George Hyde, “not in any police interviews and there were several, nor in any court hearings. So never once has this man ever acknowledged having done anything wrong to this child.”

The defense is looking to bring the case to trial. Prosecutor Matt Wiese responded by stating that Racine knew of what he had previously agreed to.

“If you look at this defendant’s history this is classic manipulation type behavior,” said Prosecutor Matt Wiese, “right up to the point where we’re ready to go to trial, and on the eve of trial he says he’ll enter a plea. Then as soon as we enter a plea and everything is cancelled he says, ‘oh, I was mislead.’ In my mind it rises to the level of being a frivolous request.”

The court will receive further briefs by Friday the 22nd. The motions hearing will proceed after that.