Michigan Tech receives unexpected honor

Michigan Tech receives unexpected honor

HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech is being recognized nationally and it’s not for what you might think.

Michigan Tech often appears high on lists ranking schools for the quality of their students and faculty. But it’s Tech’s campus that has caught the eye of one national online publication. GreatValueColleges.net ranked the university at number 28th in the country for the most beautiful, yet affordable, colleges. That’s quite a feat considering for much of Michigan Tech’s history aesthetics wasn’t a priority.

“People a few years ago would have said that our campus was very, probably, kind of dull and just very Spartan. We had grass but it wasn’t always green and we didn’t have many gardens or anything,” said MTU V.P. for Student Affairs and Advancement Les Cook.

So Michigan Tech set their engineering minds to beautifying the campus by planting flowers, hiring a Master Gardener and the putting up the Husky statue, all of which have made a difference.

Cook added, “If you look at the new husky dog statue and the things that have kind of surrounded that, the gardens that are out there, people come back to campus and they’re kind of blown away cause they’re like, ‘Wow! This place looks great!'”

Michigan Tech’s beauty isn’t confined to the internal campus. The Portage Lake Golf Course and Mont Ripley ski hill also add to the overall look of the university. Though the recognition is great, the real reward is in the increased enrollment, especially among women, that can at least partially be credited toward how nice things look.