Med students speak with medical device pros

Med students speak with medical device pros

HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech med students have a chance to speak with professionals in the field this week. ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance has more.

All week long, medical students at Michigan Tech are exploring their future careers by talking to industry professionals. These events take place as part of Career Service’s CareerFest. This week the focus is on careers in the medical field. The school hosts a lunch–and–learn series for students to hear from Tech alumni that are working in the field.

Then students can meet with company representatives informally to talk about the industry. For Medical Device Day, two Michigan Tech Alumni were on campus to talk about their own experiences.

Senior Quality Manager at Stryker, Jason Maes said, “Stryker is a large player in the medical device sector. We play in all sorts of different market segments. We offer a whole host of solutions to doctors. We were invited up to participate in Medical Device Day. And give back and kind of be one of the keynote speakers for that and give some overview of the medical device industry.”

Students can get interview and resume advice from these company reps, who are here to help and recruit students.
Maes said, “They’ve been asking us of ‘What do you guys do,’ ‘What should I do at the Career Fair,’ ‘How do I interview,’ ‘Do you have positions open, I’m looking for positions.’ Obviously they’re definitely interested in that. To give them some guidance on what it’s like to be in the industry and what the industry is all about. And obviously a little bit of promotion of what Stryker is specifically. ”

All Career Fest events are leading up to Michigan Tech’s annual Spring Career fair.